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Alamo Mineral Buyers buys mineral rights regardless of size or current production throughout the entire United States. Let us turn your monthly payments or non-producing minerals into fast cash!
We have over 30 years’ experience buying minerals in all situations. Our history proves that we can handle the necessary research, paperwork, and filings. We cover all associated expenses, and never charge you any fees.
If your property is inherited or is part of an estate, we can help with that too. We understand the process can be overwhelming. Don’t worry—Just submit your contact information below and John will contact you personally.


You can call us or jot your information into the form below. Let us know what minerals or royalty you want to sell and how to get in touch with you. We’ll contact you, evaluate the property, and make you an offer. If we reach an agreement, we will begin title examination and schedule a closing date.
At Alamo Mineral Buyers, our goal is to give you a fair price and a stress-free process. As we work together, you can depend on us to provide one-on-one service that is always professional and strictly confidential.

We Buy Your Problems Call Us 210-519-5700



Can I sell you my minerals or royalty if I inherited the property?

Yes! In fact, dealing with mineral rights on inherited properties is one of our specialties. Sometimes, we have to do a little extra research or file additional documents for you. Once you inherit a piece of property, it’s yours to do with as you see fit. Property inheritances are sometimes split among multiple people; we can purchase just one person’s interest or multiple portions.

Does it matter if my property is leased or unleased? What if it’s non-producing?

Not at all. We buy royalty and minerals in all situations, leased or unleased. You can sell us producing or non-producing interests. However, if the property is leased and not producing, we will need to get a copy of the lease.

Can I sell my minerals if I don’t have all my paperwork?

Sure. Depending on what type of interest it is and how you came to own it, we can often identify your minerals using county records like Deed records, tax rolls, probate proceedings, and in some cases, through interviews and affidavits. If you do have paperwork, it can speed up the process and make things easier, but not having your paperwork doesn’t stop us from buying your interest. In most cases, we’re able to find what you need. email us now.

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